Keep Beverages Cold with a Team Inspired Cooler!


Whether you’re at the stadium or at home, keeping game day beverage cold is a must.  And here at Tailgate Champion we offer a variety of coolers and totes that will keep all of your game day or any day beverages cold and ready to enjoy.

Our can shaft coolers are perfect for keeping six cans cold whether you’re heading to the game or the golf course.   Easy to use and featuring a shoulder strap for easy toting, they are available in all of the NFL team logos.  Choose your favorite team and take along a six-pack!  If you’re looking for a cooler that can hold a little bit more and will show your team spirit, we think you’ll love any one of our can shaped coolers!   Available in your choice of favorite NFL or Collegiate team, these hard-sided coolers and large beverage can replicas will also double as a seat. 

Tailgate Champion also offers a selection of cart coolers that will make toting a large amount of cans or bottles easy as can be.  The removable liner holds up to 37 cans!   These insulated coolers are also perfect for a day at the beach, or a trip to the Farmer’s market.   The trolley is equipped with large wheels for stability and will help keep the cart upright while stationary.  Available in a variety of team logos, we’re sure you’ll find your favorite.  

Our cooler totes are also perfect for game day or for storing in the truck for a stop at the market.  Light-weight, fully insulated and easy to carry, any one of these totes will be ideal for transporting cold items to and from parties, or frozen goods home from the store.  You’ll marvel at the versatility that these totes can bring.