Home Gating

Skip the stadium and Home Gate!


Although here at Tailgate Champion we love to tailgate at the game, sometimes we prefer skipping the hustle and bustle of the stadium and home gate.  Home-gating is a term that everyone will soon be as familiar with as tailgating.

Home-gating can be just as much fun as tailgating without worrying about the weather, and all the work it takes to set up and break down all the essentials in the parking lot each weekend.  Add in the cost of the ticket for the game and parking and you can see why home-gating may be a great occasional alternative.  

Tailgate Champion invites you to create a game room at home for watching not only the Super Bowl or SEC Championship games, but any game that interests you.  We are working on putting together a variety of products that will help stock your game room and make it easy to enjoy the game at home. Add a dry bar to the game room and stock it with team inspired wine and cheese essentials, along with party plates and team inspired utensils.    Check out our grills and accessories for the best in quality outdoor cooking and all the necessities needed.  Surprise your guests with their favorite tailgate fare without ever leaving the house! 

Stop back often as we continue to search for all the essentials needed to make your home-gating party the best!